Review: Supergirl 2×05 – Crossfire

If you overlook the naff villains, this week’s Supergirl does a lot of good work with various characters’ subplots…


I don’t know about you, but I don’t really tune in to Supergirl every week for the layered drama and intricate plotting. I watch it because it’s a lot of fun and more often than not it’ll leave you with a big smile on your face. This week was a prime example of this – it was only after the episode finished that I realised that not a lot actually happened. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

First up, Mon-El masquerading as ‘Mike Matthews’ – a new intern at CatCo with a very Kara-like dress sense – provided a lot of chuckles. Those Daxamites really are different from Kryptonians, as Mon/Mike quickly worked out that he could use his charms to seduce James’ assistant into doing all his work for him. You wouldn’t catch Clark or Kara doing that! Chris Wood should be commended here for making Mon come across as a likeable rogue rather than the smarmy womanizer he might have been on the page.

Alex and Maggie’s relationship also goes places, as Alex comes to terms with her growing feelings for the NCPD cop. Chyler Leigh really nailed that scene where she came clean about her sexuality. The awkward way she stumbled over her words was a nice realistic touch for a show where the characters usually talk in platitude-filled speeches that eloquently convey their emotions.


The episode should also be commended for ingratiating both James and Winn back into the main of the plot, even if it completely comes out of left-field. After being beaten (and having his dad’s camera smashed) in a bank robbery, James decides to become a vigilante, with Winn’s help. I buy the idea that James is finally sick of being the sidekick, but it might have been an idea to sow the seeds of this disquiet with his life in previous episodes.

Yes, I’m still not feeling Cadmus as the main villains and this was another instance of a weekly threat that doesn’t have much in the way of threat, but ‘Crossfire’ was still an entertaining slice of Supergirl. In its ethos alone, season two continues to be much stronger than season one.



  • With their alien weaponry, the gang of thieves were heavily reminiscent of Intergang, a common foe of Superman’s who have guns given to them by Darkseid in the comics.
  • Love the fact that Kara’s attempt to attend Lena’s gala as herself and Supergirl is called ‘Operation: Doubtfire.’
  • Speaking of Lena, she is one complex cookie. She stopped Intergang but then it was revealed that she is the daughter of Cadmus’ boss. Just whose side is she really on?



2 thoughts on “Review: Supergirl 2×05 – Crossfire

  1. If Melissa Benoist wasn’t so damn cute and the show really upped its special effects (especially during the fight scenes), I would have stopped watching this after the first episode of the first season.

    Alas here I am, in season 2 actually caring…

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