WATCH: Beauty and the Beast (2017) – First Full Trailer

Here’s your first look at Disney’s new version of the tale as old as time, starring Emma Watson…

4 thoughts on “WATCH: Beauty and the Beast (2017) – First Full Trailer

  1. This trailer has intrigued me even more. Even from the short glimpses we have it looks like they are going to be some differences, like having Belle’s father getting caught by the Beast while he is picking a rose like he did in the original story. Also it looks like they are going to give more clarity to the Beast’s age (the portraits with his parents?) since that was one problem the first movie had. It does not detract from story in the animated film, but it does raise some questions when you try and think it through. This film looks beautiful and it is not Xerox copy of the animated film. I am definitely interested in how this adaption will be received.

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    1. Very good spots there. Yes, it seems they are looking to iron out any plotholes in the original and also bring it slightly closer to the classic fairy tale. Both of which are probably good things. I’m interested to know how they are going to handle the songs. The original film has a terrific soundtrack, so I hope they do it justice.

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