Review: Supergirl 2×07 – The Darkest Place

Supergirl ramps up the pace this week in an episode stuffed with revelations and surprise character returns…


This week on Supergirl was the equivalent of that thing where you think you are on top of your work but then realise you have a whole other assignment to do in only a day. After a few weeks of casually moving plotlines along, the show’s writers suddenly woke up to the fact that they only have two more weeks until the mid-season break (and one of those is the big crossover episode). As such, ‘The Darkest Place’ had so many major game-changing moments in it they didn’t really have time to breathe.

First up, Kara and Mon-El were captured by Cadmus, which led to some surprisingly tough-to-watch scenes where Kara is stripped of her powers (in an interesting non-kryptonite way) and tossed around like a ragdoll. Thankfully, Dean Cain returned as Jeremiah Danvers and was on hand to help them escape. The moment was played as a touching family reunion but it all felt a bit too convenient to me. If Cadmus could turn Hank Henshaw into a cyborg, whose to say they haven’t brainwashed Jeremiah into working for them as well?

Yes, this was a busy week for David Harewood, as he got to play two distinct characters. After being thought dead, the original Hank Henshaw was revealed to have been augmented by Cadmus – and has become Cyborg Superman! It’s a fun twist but it is hard not to scoff when he comes up with that nickname. An extra couple of lines of explanation, about how he he wants to replace Superman or something, wouldn’t have gone amiss here.


J’onn also had much to deal with this week, as he found out M’Gann is actually a White Martian – and her blood transfusion is turning him into one! This has to be the most dramatic of this week’s reveals, as it is something that really shakes up the show. How will the Last Green Martian feel about White Martians when he actually becomes one?

Meanwhile, Supergirl borrowed a plotline from Batman, Daredevil or Arrow this week when Guardian is framed by a murderous vigilante. It is such a hoary old cliche it is hard to invest too much in this one, which means it is easily the weakest part of the episode (again). That said, it was interesting that Alex is now in on James and Winn’s secret – which leaves only Kara on the outside now.

Overall, ‘The Darkest Place’ had enough cracking material to make it a standout episode. However, in execution it probably bit of a little more than it could chew. Roll on next week’s crossover!



  • Some exciting DC references this week. Big one: Kara mentioned how her cousin once worked with a vigilante who “has lots of gadgets and tons of demons.” Yet another piece of evidence that Batman exists on Earth-Supergirl.
  • Cadmus’ boss was also revealed to be Lillian Luthor. The reason for her alien hatred is revealed to be Superman putting Lex in jail. Intriguingly, she says that Superman initially suggested an alliance with Lex. Something that reminds me of the pair’s friendship on Smallville



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