NEWS FLASH: Meet The Cast of Marvel’s Runaways

The young cast of Marvel and Hulu’s teen superhero show Runaways have been revealed…


1. Rhenzy Feliz – Alex Wilder


Alex Wilder is the leader of the Runaways. Though he doesn’t have any superpowers of which to speak of, he is a child prodigy whose quick wits serve him and the team well.


2. Lyrica Okano – Nico Minoru


The daughter of two master sorcerers, goth girl Nico possesses the Staff of One – a powerful magical item that appears out of her body to protect her whenever she is injured.


3. Virginia Gardner – Karolina Dean


Karolina is the daughter of Hollywood stars Frank and Leslie Dean – who she discovers are actually aliens. Which kinda makes her an alien too, complete with light and flight powers.


4. Ariela Barer – Gert Yorkes


New Yorker and social justice warrior Gert is actually the daughter of time travellers, with a pet dinosaur who she shares a telepathic link with. The pair calls themselves Arsenic and Old Lace.


5. Gregg Sulkin – Chase Stein


The oldest of the bunch, 18-year-old Chase hides his technological genius – inherited from his mad scientist parents, along with some hi-tech gloves – behind a laid-back, slacker persona.


6. Allegra Acosta – Molly Hernandez


Molly (Hayes, in the comics) might be the youngest of the bunch but she is also the muscle of the Runaways – thanks to her superhuman strength, courtesy of her being a mutant.

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