NEWS FLASH: DC’s Black Lightning Reportedly Joining The CW’s Arrowverse

The CW’s DC TV universe is about to get even bigger…


Black Lightning was previously being developed for Fox by exec producer Greg Berlanti. However, Fox have now pulled out of production – they have their own DC shows Lucifer and Gotham to concentrate on. As such, Berlanti is moving the project to his usual playground of The CW. The series will then presumably be integrated into the ever growing Arrowverse – that currently comprises Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow (as well as a bunch of animated web series).

In case you are not familiar with the character, Black Lightning was one of the first major African-American superheroes in DC comics when he debuted back in 1977. Olympic athlete Jefferson Pierce returns home to find that crime gang The 100 have run it into the ground. With the aid of his electrical powers, he becomes Black Lightning to protect his family and neighbourhood. He also has two daughters – Thunder and Lightning – who are likewise superheroes in the comics. They are members of Batman’s Outsiders and the Justice Society of American, respectively.

Black Lightning is expected to gear up into production soon.

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