Comic Book Review: Justice League/Power Rangers #2

The world’s finest mighty morphin’ crossover continues in the action-packed second issue of Justice League/Power Rangers…


After the Power Rangers ended up in the DC universe last issue, and tussled with Batman and Flash, Justice League/Power Rangers #2 wastes no time in setting them up against the rest of the League for a good old-fashioned superhero fight.

As you would expect, the might of the Rangers versus the power of the Justice League makes for quite a spectacle. Highlights include Superman intercepting the Pink Pterodactyl Zord mid-flight (and then politely knocking on the window) and the Rangers blasting through John Stewart’s Green Lantern forcefield. For the first half of the issue, writer Tom Taylor is content to sit back and let artist Stephen Byrne bring this visual feast to life. Once again, Byrne’s bright, vibrant artwork is a perfect fit for this broad and bold crossover and he provides several moments of nerdy glee (e.g. Wonder Woman lassoing Pink Ranger).

Thankfully, it is Superman and Kimberly who soon realise that everyone is on the same side and their real foe – Lord Zedd, teleported somewhere in space – is still out there…


In a fun twist, it turns out that Zedd materialised inside one of Braniac’s bottle cities and the pair of supervillains soon form an alliance; to destroy both the Justice League and the Power Rangers so that they might rule over both universes. It’s an interesting idea for a team-up – matching Zedd’s brawn with Brainiac’s, well, brains – and it will be interesting to see how they bounce off each other in future issues.

The issue ends with the two teams finally shaking hands and getting on the same page – leading to a hilarious running joke about Batman looking and acting like a supervillain. Their union is just in time for the first stage of Zedd and Brainiac’s attack – as giant alien squid monsters attack the world’s capital cities. Mighty Morphin Justice League of Power Rangers, it’s your time to shine!

If you are after a multi-layered deconstruction of two iconic superhero teams, then this isn’t the series for you. If you do, however, want a very traditional comic book crossover that makes up for its familiar structure with a colourful aesthetic and the sheer charm of its unlikely mash-up, then hop aboard.





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