Recap: Star Wars Rebels 3×17 – Through Imperial Eyes

Grand Admiral Thrawn is on the hunt for Fulcrum and Agent Kallus is in the hot seat.

This episode appropriately opens from the point-of-view of Agent Kallus as he wakes to sound of siren blaring, alerting all on the light cruiser to report to their stations. When he reaches the bridge, he learns through Lieutenant Lyste that they in the process of intercepting a stolen shuttle from Lothal’s space port. To Kallus’ surprise, Ezra Bridger – under the guise of a bounty hunter – was found abroad the ship along with AP-5 and a disguised Chopper posing as the “innocent” hostages. After insisting on interrogating the prisoner alone, Ezra explains that he is there to get Kallus out since the Empire has been monitoring his Fulcrum transmissions.

However the plan takes a drastic shift when Thrawn’s fleet arrives and requests Kallus and Lyste report to his office and that the prisoner (aka Ezra) should be transferred as well. As Kallus and Lyste enter the Grand Admiral’s office they are soon greeted by Wullf Yularen who as it turns out was a mentor of Kallus when he was training to become an ISB Agent. Thrawn enters having completed his physical combat training with two Imperial sentry droids, he explains to them the reason for the meeting is that he believes there is a spy leaking information to the Rebels. He also informs them that Colonel Yularen will be interrogating them along with other Imperial officers.


In light of this Kallus realizes he needs to get Ezra out, before it is discovered that he is a Jedi on the Empire’s watch list. He covertly switches his cylinder code for Lyste’s and plants the idea that Governor Pryce might be the traitor so that he might be distracted while Kallus goes to the detention block to use the lifted cylinder code to open Ezra’s cell. After disguising him as an Imperial officer, Ezra, Kallus and Chopper break into Thrawn’s office in order to send the landing clearances to Kanan and Rex and to modify Thrawn’s map of the possible Rebel base locations so that Atollan is not discovered.

Unfortunately, AP-5 warns that Thrawn is returning to his office, Kallus then quickly programs the Imperial sentry droids to attack him providing cover for their escape. Meanwhile at Rebel’s commandeered Imperial Shuttle, Governor Pryce figures out that Kanan and Rex are Rebels and in the middle of their struggle. Lieutenant Lyste stumbles upon them coming to the conclusion that Pryce is the spy. In the confusion Ezra, Chopper and AP-5 manage to board the Imperial Shuttle, but Kallus, after knocking out Lyste and switching the cylinder codes back, chooses to stay behind, saying: “There has been a change of plans now that I have captured Fulcrum.” However the conversation between Yularen and Thrawn reveals that the Grand Admiral knows that Kallus is Fulcrum and that he intends to use him to bring down the Rebels.

This was a great episode that focused more on the side of the Empire which is a nice change from seeing the side of the Rebels from week to week. Wullf Yularen is back and it goes to show that not all Imperials are complete idiots…cough…Lyste….cough. The espionage that Kallus engaged in was great to see and it shows just how much risk he is taking by helping the Rebels even though they are still a little suspicious of him. While it seemed like this episode was going to end with Kallus safely escaping into the Rebel ranks, it did a complete 180° turn with him staying behind saying he could do more good from the inside. Too bad Thrawn is already on to him and I fear the next couple of episodes will show more concentrated effort to the location and destruction of the Rebel Base on Atollon.





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