Review: The Flash 3×20 – I Know Who You Are

Savitar’s identity is finally revealed in an otherwise so-so episode…


This week’s episode of The Flash was a monumental one in some ways, as it featured the long-awaited reveal of Savitar’s identity. However, seeing as we knew that it would do this going in, the decision to keep the reveal to the very end of the episode means most of it felt like filler.

For instance, ‘I Know Who You Are”s subplots are both extraneous to what we are really here for. The worst offender is the Joe/Cecile romance. This relationship has been thoroughly underused so far so it’s hard to muster much interest in there this episode. However, giving Joe his own subplot for the first time in a while does give fuel to my personal theory that the dear old detective will be the one to die at Savitar’s hand instead of Iris.

Elsewhere, we had Team Flash track down Tracy Brand, who will work out how to lock Savitar up in the Speed Force in four years time. First up, Anne Dudek played the role perfectly well and the character had a nice rapport with H.R. Still, at this stage in the season, it feels like we should be zeroing in on the characters we already know rather than adding a new Team Flash member. Interestingly, the introduction of a new female scientist at STAR Labs does suggest that Caitlin is going to stay in her Killer Frost persona for the foreseeable, though…

Yes, we got a lot more Killer Frost this week, as the Metahuman Formally Known as Caitlin Snow went full-on supervillain – including wearing a supervillain outfit, allying with Savitar and attempting to murder people. There was some good drama as Cisco had to deal with fighting his best friend, but the best scene came when Killer Frost and Flash race through Central City.  KF riding through the streets on giant ice slides is the kind of overt comic book-y image that The Flash revels in more than any other superhero show.

OK, I can’t hold off talking about that reveal any longer. Yes, those of us who guessed it was Barry Allen under that metal mask all along deserve a cookie. It’s a brilliant reveal on paper, as it really raises the game more than previous years: Barry’s true nemesis is himself. Still, I could have done with this coming out a few weeks back. We’ve now only got three episodes to explore this Dark Barry before the season’s up and I fear things might get a bit rushed from now on.

As I say, though, it is a fantastic idea and I look forward to seeing the drama that should come from this massive reveal. Let’s hope season three gets to go out with a bang.


Speed Thoughts:

  • I have been leaning towards the ‘Barry is Savitar’ theory for a while, but Wally was my second choice. I did think it was going that way at first, when Wally was said to visiting Jessie on Earth-3 as it was such a random thing for him to do when everything is going to pot. But no, nothing to see there. Maybe Keiynan Lonsdale was busy during the shoot?




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