Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 24 – Fight On, Iida

“Fight on, Iida” covers the aftermath of Midoriya and Todoroki’s fight, the match-ups leading to the final round of the Tournament as well as the introduction of a new villain.


This episode had a lot of bases to cover from tying up old plotlines and introducing new ones and, despite how easy it is to get lost in all the info, it managed to convey everything pretty well. We again have a lighting round for the rest of the quarter-final and the semi-final matches. These fights are quick which is good to help move things along, but a part of me wishes we could see more drawn out fights. I guess we’ll have to wait till later in the series for longer battles.

The scenes between Midoriya and All Might as well as Todoroki and Endeavor are handled amazingly. Endeavor’s expression of pleasure that Todoroki used his fire abilities only demonstrates his deep level of ignorance of his son’s true feelings. Todoroki has to explain to him that he used his left side only because he forgot all about him during his fight with Midoriya. I think this is a step in the right direction for Todoroki and I am interested where this will take especially in his fight with Bakugo that is coming up in the next episode. Midoriya took a beating and Recovery Girl was upset with All Might, stating that he was causing him to push to his breaking point just to please him. While she is able to heal up his wounds, his right hand is scarred and deformed and the UA nurse strongly advises Midoriya to view it as a lesson to find away to use “One-For-All” in a less harmful way since she will not heal injuries of this magnitude again.

There a moment where Midoriya expressed his sadness and frustration for not winning and failing to meet what he saw as All Might’s expectations. This demonstrates that despite wanting to help others unconditionally, Midoriya still feels the pain of defeat especially when he has worked so hard to get to this point. He even begins to wonder if he was the right person to inherit “One-For-All.” But All Might comes alongside to remind that while the outcome was not what they wanted, Midoriya made the right choice when pushed Todoroki to give his full effort. Also it is officially revealed that All Might was in fact quirk-less himself, which explains why he took to Midoriya so quickly since he saw so much of himself in him.

Now on to Iida whose name is in the title of the episode, but shares the similarity with Uraraka and the season premiere in that the episode doesn’t revolve around him; however, he is connected to a new major plot development. In the first season, we are told that the Iida family has been in the hero business for generations and this episode Tenya’s brother Tensei, the pro-hero Ingenium is formerly introduced on screen. Unfortunately, he is cut down by a villain by the name of Stain who is a hero killer, because he thinks that heroes are only after fame and money and don’t care about helping the innocent. All except All Might, whom Stain views as the only one worthy to take him down. It soon after Kurogiri appears asking for a moment of his time. For a catch-all episode it did well in closing olds chapters and opening new ones and I can’t wait see what future episodes have in store.


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