San Diego Comic-Con TV Trailer Round-Up

We’ve compiled all of the best trailers for your favourite upcoming TV series that debuted at this year’s SDCC…


Arrow (Season Six)

Airing: Thursday 12th October, The CW


The Defenders

Airing: Friday 18th August, Netflix


Doctor Who (Christmas Special)

Airing: Christmas Day, BBC One/America


The Flash (Season Four)

Airing: Tuesday 10th October, The CW


The Gifted

Airing: Monday 2nd October, Fox


Gotham (Season Four)

Airing: Thursday 28th September, Fox



Cinema Release: September 1st, IMAX

TV Airing: Friday 29th September, ABC


Legends of Tomorrow (Season Three)

Airing: Tuesday 10th October, The CW


Star Trek Discovery

Airing: Monday 25th September, CBS Access


Stranger Things (Season Two)

Airing: Tuesday 31st October, Netflix


Supergirl (Season Three)

Airing: Monday 9th October, The CW


The Walking Dead (Season Eight)

Airing: Sunday 22nd October, AMC


Westworld (Season Two)

Airing: 2018, HBO

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