Reviewing Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season Five)

13. Blood Ties

Everything comes out in the wash in this hugely important episode. Dawn discovers she is the Key, causing her to freak out. Meanwhile, Ben is revealed to be literally Glory’s other half. 8.5/10

14. Crush

Buffy discovers that Spike is in love with her – just as his attentions are split when Drusilla comes back to town. A great episode for exploring Spike’s developing character. 9/10

15. I Was Made To Love You

Warren (watch out for him!) creates himself a robot girlfriend. A sturdy, surprising tragic episode – though the main plot is totally overshadowed by that gut-wrenching ending… 8/10

16. The Body

A phenomenal episode. Emotionally devastating but never overly sentimental. The finest depiction of grief I have ever seen in a TV show. Possibly’s Buffy‘s greatest hour – but you’ll rarely rewatch it. 10/10

17. Forever

Dawn attempts to resurrect Joyce in an affecting episode, though it’s no ‘The Body’. Highlights include Angel’s cameo, introduction of Doc and the scary ending – don’t open the door! 8/10

18. Intervention

Spike, er, plays Checkers with the Buffybot. A hilarious – if kinda creepy – episode that ends on a wonderful moment between Spike and Buffy. This is the beginning of Spuffy, people! 8.5/10


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