Reviewing Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season Five)

7. Fool For Love

Spike’s backstory is explored through flashbacks, as we learn about how he killed two Slayers and about his surprisingly foppish origins. Extra proof that Spike is both very human and badass. 9/10

8. Shadow

Joyce is officially diagnosed with a brain tumour while Glory attempts to locate the key. Not bad, but a little plodding. Plus, there’s a dodgy CGI snake monster to boot. 7.5/10

9. Listening to Fear

A demon (from space this time) feeds off the mentally ill in a particularly creepy episode. Riley continues his illicit vampire shenanigans while we learn Ben isn’t squeaky clean. 8/10

10. Into the Woods

Buffy and Riley’s relationship finally comes to an end as Riley’s nighttime activities come out in the wash. The episode aims for emotional but all you’re thinking is: ‘about time!’ 7.5/10

11. Triangle

A much-needed comedy episode focussing on Willow and Anya’s prickly friendship and their accidental summoning of the buffoonish Olaf the Troll. Full of fun and insane troll logic. 8.5/10

12. Checkpoint

The Watchers Council come to Sunnydale and make Buffy jump through hoops before they give her vital info on Glory. Awesome ending where Buffy kicks patriarchy’s butt. 8.5/10


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