Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 35 – Yaoyorozu: Rising

The students vs. teacher battles begin in earnest, showcasing some interesting team ups.


We started back where the last episode ended with Tokoyami and Asui facing off against UA teacher Ectoplasm who can make multiples of himself using his quirk “Clones.” For Tokoyami it is a chance to counter his weakness of fighting in close range combat and for Asui to be his support in the midst of the battle. They ultimately win the battle through a clever tactic of Asui’s, which could turn one’s stomach, if you catch my drift. It’s the first student win and it was great to see this team pass their final exam.

Next up is Mashirao Ojiro and Tenya Iida against Power Loader. This was a rather quick fight, which I guess this is a testament to Iida’s sharp mind and speed along with Ojiro’s effective use of his tail. I found their team up to be quite interesting, can’t say much for the teacher Power Loader since the only impression or impressions he made were traps he set up underground that the students had to get passed in order to reach the exit.

The best part, however, involves Momo Yaoyorozu and Shoto Todoroki’s fight with their homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa. Yaoyorozu got more screen-time in the preceding episode, and I am glad that she has been given a chance to shine. She may have the same cuteness of Uraraka or the off-beat Asui, but she makes up for it in intelligence and creativity. I also found her quirk “Creation” fascinating and I marvel how she manages to remember the composition of the materials that she creates.

Through this fight Todoroki realizes that he doesn’t always have to take the burden of fighting alone and by listening to others he can learn of options he never would have considered. At the same time Yaoyorozu is learning to gain back her confidence especially after her loss at the Final Round of the Sport Festival, and realize that her efforts are appreciated and can succeed. I hope to see more of her in the future and that she can kick some serious butt like she did in this episode.




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