Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 36 – Stripping the Varnish

The Final Exam match ups continue with both good and bad results, as we get closer to Midoriya and Bakugo’s fight with All Might.


The episode starts off with Ochaco Uraraka and Yuga Aoyama struggling to hold on as Thirteen’s blackhole is attempting to consume them. Just as Uraraka wonders to herself what Midoriya would do, Aoyama picks up this and point blank asks her if she likes him. This causes her to lose her grip in shock causing her to be sucked back into the path of Thirteen; to be fair that was a rather random question to ask in the midst of being sucked into a blackhole. But Uraraka’s field training with Gunhead kicks in and using martial arts to take down and handcuff Thirteen. Quite impressive and I am starting to enjoy this side of Uraraka.

In the next battle, we have Mina Ashido and Denki Kaminari against UA Principal Nezu. It is clear from the outset that Ashido and Kaminari who rank at the bottom of the class are deliberately paired with Nezu, whose quirk “High Spec” grants him a very high intelligence that surpasses average human, in order for them to learn how to counter criminals who are smarter than them. It is revealed that Nezu is actually a rare case of an animal possessing a quirk and that he had been studied upon in the past. Just how he became principal of such a prestigious hero school is anyone’s guess. Using his intelligence, Nezu uses a crane to knock down buildings, blocking Kaminari and Ashido’s path to the exit multiple times. They were not able to figure out a way to counter and unfortunately ran out of time, thus failing the final exam.

Then we have the sound-based powers with Koji Koda and Koyka Jiro vs. Present Mic. In this section he have Aizawa introduces Present Mic and explains his quirk “Voice”  to the audience which is a rather funny twist given that Present Mic is usually the one that fills this role for the other character in the series. Anyway back to the match, Jiro realizes the only way to get past Present Mic is if Koda uses his quirk “Animal Voice” to convince the bugs to distract him long enough from them to get through the gate. Despite his initial fear, Koda is able bring himself to talk to the bugs and causing them to crawl up leg on Present Mic after burrowing underground beneath his detection.

And finally we have match up between Hanta Sero and Minoru Mineta and Midnight…or Mineta and Midnight since Sero had drifted off to slumberland not long the fight began. Mineta given his perverted personality, is rather upset that Sero got be in lap of a beautiful woman like Midnight. However he eventually is able to refocus and manages to lure the pro hero away from the exit. Using Sero’s tape to keep him from breathing in her fragrance, he then traps her using his “Pop Off” quirk and from there is able to reach the exit carrying Sero with him. Mineta may be pervy and his quirk may not seem as useful at first glance but he still makes it work and that in a way makes him one step closer to being cool. But seriously, he still needs to learn to treat women better.



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