A Guide To The Infinity Stones Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Power Stone

Also Known as: The Orb

First/Last Seen: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

The Power Stone – commonly known as the Orb – was originally used by Eson the Searcher, a Celestial, to conquer planets at the dawn of time. Eventually, it came to rest on the planet Morag, where it was only accessible every 300 years once the tide rolled back. In the 21st century, the Ravager Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord retrieved the Orb.

This began a galaxy-wide hunt for the fate of the universe. In particular, Thanos sent his agent, the Kree terrorist Ronan the Accuser, to retrieve the stone for him. When he did, however, Ronan went mad with the power and betrayed Thanos. He planned to use the Orb to destroy the planet Xandar, who the Kree had been at war with for centuries.

Ronan was prevented from doing so by the Guardians of the Galaxy. It was later revealed that Peter Quill’s half-Celestial origins allowed him to wield the Orb without dying. The Power Stone was deposited in the care of the Nova Corps on Xandar.


Time Stone

Also Known As: Eye of Agamotto

First Seen: Doctor Strange (2016)

Last Seen: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Centuries ago, Agamotto – the first of Earth’s Sorcerers Supreme – took the Time Stone and encased it in an eye-shaped medallion he called the Eye of Agamotto, which is kept at Kamar-Taj, the home of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. In the modern day, Stephen Strange studied the Eye and practiced employing its ability to reverse time. Despite the danger it presented, he eventually used it to defeat Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, and his acolytes.

His associate Wong recommended that the Eye should stay locked in Kamar-Taj for safekeeping, but it seems that Strange ignored this advice. He was later seen wearing it when he met with Thor in New York.


Soul Stone

The Soul Stone is the final Infinity Stone and the only one not so far featured in the MCU. Fans expected it to appear in some form in Thor: Ragnarok, however this turned out not to be the case. The next MCU movie, Black Panther, is the last to arrive before Avengers: Infinity War, so it seems likely that the Soul Stone will appear in that. Perhaps it is located in Wakanda, the hidden African nation ruled by King T’Challa AKA Black Panther. It could even be the reason Wakanda has such advanced technology.

If not, it could be introduced in Avengers: Infinity War in another location. Some have suggested that it could have been staring us in the face all along – as the small orange jewel seen on Heimdall’s armour.


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