Fandom Factory’s Superhero Awards Of 2017

Best Marvel Movie

The Runners-Up Are…

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – 11%

Spider-Man: Homecoming – 11%

Thor: Ragnarok – 26%


And The Winner Is…

Logan – 52%


On the Marvel front, there were three movies released under the MCU banner this year and one film from the X-Men franchise. Together, they made four incredibly solid films. But, once again, there could only be one winner – this time, it was Logan, Hugh Jackman’s gritty, emotional final bow as Wolverine.

As for the runners-up, it was a close-run thing. Thor: Ragnarok was a fairly comfortable second but Spider-Man: Homecoming and GoTG Vol. 2 drew for third place.



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