10 Greatest Moments In Crisis On Infinite Earths

“Crisis On Infinite Earths” concluded this week, so let’s look back at the 10 most mind-blowing, fan-pleasing moments across all five parts of the Arrowverse’s biggest crossover yet…


Opening Scene

“Crisis” started how it meant to go on -with this exciting montage featuring crossovers with Batman ’66 (Holy DC icon, Batman, it’s Burt Ward!), Batman ’89 (good to see you again, Alexander Knox!), Titans and more!


Oliver’s (First) Death

We knew to expect the death of the Green Arrow in the event, but we weren’t expecting the Emerald Archer to bite the bullet in the very first episode. Though he was later resurrected and died again in “Part 4”, Oliver’s first death packs the bigger punch.


Always Hold On To Smallville

Tom Welling returned to the DC universe for “Crisis” to reprise his role as Smallville‘s Clark Kent. No, we still didn’t see Welling in the Superman suit but his cameo did give his version of the character a touching, happy ending.


Superman Returns‘ Superman Returns

Speaking of returning Supermen, Brandon Routh also got to double-up in “Crisis”, playing the Atom as well as his version of the Man of Steel from 2006’s Superman Returns. It was a blast to see him slip back into the red trunks one more time.


He Is the Night. He is Vengeance. He is Batman

Legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy finally appeared as Batman in live-action in “Crisis”, but in a brilliant twist it turned out this version of the hero was a twisted murderer who had killed the Superman of his Earth!



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