5 Best Musical Moments From Legion Season One

The first season of Legion was full of crazy song and dance numbers. Ahead of the second season’s arrival next week, let’s take a look at the best…


Children Of The Revolution

This isn’t a true musical moment within the show but it was a perfect piece of music to end the debut run of the show on. The finale’s last scene reveals that Lenny AKA The Shadow King AKA Amahl-Farouk has escaped into Oliver’s brain and is now driving off with him to “someplace warm.” With this final twist, T-Rex’s classic anthem comes on the radio. If you think about it, “Children of the Revolution” is a pretty accurate nickname for mutants.


The Rainbow Connection

Remember the opening song from The Muppet Movie, the charming “The Rainbow Connection”, as sung by Kermit the Frog? It would be impossible to make that creepy, right? Wrong! In Chapter 5, Syd joins David in the White Room inside his mind and, bizarrely, he is singing the song and playing the banjo. Dan Stevens’ delivery is quietly chilling – as is the terrifying brief glimpse of The World’s Angriest Boy in the bathroom.


Feeling Good

Is Aubrey Plaza the best thing about Legion? Her performance as David’s mental parasite is sinister and warped yet funny and charismatic – and no single scene shows that off better than her dance number in Chapter 6. Having finally got control of David’s mind, Lenny moves her way through his memories to the tune of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” Fun fact: the scene wasn’t choreographed and Plaza improvised the whole thing.



The Bolero sequence from Chapter 7 is probably the second most ambitious musical number of the season. As the Shadow King attacks our heroes, the show delivers a black and white silent movie sequence set to the classical piece of music “Bolero”, as conducted by Oliver. It would have been an exciting moment as it is, but the unique structure gives it that extra special Legion boost.


Bollywood Dance Number

This is the scene that told us all just how imaginative, creative and just plain bonkers Legion was. Just after David and Syd have got together, the former has a mind-blowing dream sequence that sees the patients at the Clockworks psychiatric home take part in a perfectly-choreographed dance number. Just to add to the strangeness, the style of dance is definitely Bollywood but the chosen music is French pop song “Pauvre Lola.”


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