5 Things The Power Rangers Movie Must Include

We now know what the new Power Rangers will look like, but here’s what the movie should also include…

Lord Zedd


The movie will definitely feature Rita Repulsa – but where she goes, her demonic husband Lord Zedd has surely got to follow. Apart from being Power Rangers’ other big bad, he would hardly need any updating. How do you improve on a metal skeleton with his brain on show?


Alpha Going “Ai-yi-yi!”


Ostensibly Zordon’s loyal aide, little robot man Alpha never does anything of consequence except shout “ai-yi-yi” when something goes wrong. Even so, we want the shrill-voiced fella back in the Power Rangers world. Maybe he could be voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch?


Action Scenes Cribbed From Another Production

Mighty Morphin was an infamously cheap show – so cheap was it that all the show’s action scenes were ripped from Japanese series Super Sentai. This resulted in some hilarious goofs like the Yellow Ranger randomly becoming a man. It wouldn’t be Power Rangers without that.


Really Unconvincing Megazord Battles

Likewise, we want a proper old-school Megazord battle at the film’s climax. You can keep your state-of-the-art Transformers style CGI – as per the series, we would be happy with some action figures that stomp around unconvincing cardboard cities.


Tommy the Green Ranger


You wouldn’t make an X-Men movie without Wolverine, and so Power Rangers has to find a place for Angel Grove’s very own ‘loner who joins the team and becomes the de facto leader’. Given some proper weight, Tommy’s redemptive character arc could be properly dramatic. Plus, we just love that costume.

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