5 Implications of Supergirl Joining The CW

Supergirl is moving to the same network as Arrow and The Flash. Here’s what the change could entail…


Change of Cast


Supergirl is also relocating to Vancouver, from its previous home in Los Angeles. As such, some of the regular cast might not be able to make the move. Let’s hope the show’s biggest star, Callista Flockhart, AKA Kara’s boss Cat Grant, decides to stay on as she became the surprising MVP of last season.


More Crossovers


Well, this one is a given. Supergirl has already been linked with the Arrowverse thanks to a crossover appearance by the Flash in season one’s ‘Worlds Finest.’ Now that the show is airing on the same network as Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, we should probably expect more regular crossovers.


Supergirl Moves To The Arrowverse


However, ‘Worlds Finest’ revealed that Supergirl takes place in another Earth from the Arrowverse – which could prevent the sort of easy crossovers that Arrow and The Flash share. Could there pull off a comic book-y crisis on infinite earths and meld Supergirl‘s world and the Arrowverse together?


Superman Returns


Though we never got a proper look at him, Superman definitely exists in Supergirl‘s universe. Now that she could be part of a bigger superhero-filled world, surely Superman will finally make an appearance? If Supergirl remains on an alternate Earth from Arrowverse, they could get even Brandon Routh to play him!


Justice League


Now, here’s the big one. With Supergirl on board, the CW now have several Justice League members running around – including Arrow, The Flash, the Girl of Steel herself, Martian Manhunter, Atom, Vibe, Hawkgirl and Vixen. They might even have Superman as well. Surely they are tempted to get an all-star superhero team together?

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