RIP Agent Carter

Farewell, Peggy! ABC have announced that there will not be another series of fan favourite series Agent Carter. Read our thoughts on the news…


Warning: spoilers for Agent Carter Season 2 and Captain America: Civil War. 

Agent Carter fans knew this was coming, but now it is official. Even though the show’s critical reception and fanbase were ever growing, the ratings were becoming increasingly disappointing for the network. It is sad news, if not exactly a shock.

The show was previously nearly axed after its first season but was saved through the fervour of Peggy’s hundreds of fans around the world. While the past year has brought us other female-led comic book shows like Jessica Jones and SupergirlAgent Carter was the first and the character remains one of a kind. As a spy series set in the 1940s, it was also unlike any other superhero-related series around, and the brilliant comic chemistry between Hayley Atwell’s Peggy and James D’Arcy’s Jarvis made it one of the funniest.

Season Two perhaps wasn’t as strong as Season One but it promised more exciting stuff to come at it ended on a cliffhanger that involved the surprise death of one of the cast. Crucially, the show never even got to what fans were most looking forward to seeing – how Peggy and Howard Stark set up SHIELD.

In what is a double-whammy of a gut punch to fans, the news comes shortly after Captain America: Civil War was released to cinemas, featuring a scene where Steve Rogers attends Peggy’s funeral. It seems we really have seen the last of Agent Carter.

If we have, then we’ll say thank you to Hayley Atwell for making the character so awesome and for the cast and crew for building such a great show around her.

Why is it always the good TV shows that die young?

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