Review: The Flash 2×22 – Invincible

The Flash delivers a shocking thrill ride for the penultimate episode of its second season…


Your humble reviewer is a particular fan of the penultimate episode – if done right they can sometimes be even more exciting than the actual season finale, which might not live up to the hype. The pressure was on ‘Invincible’, then, to provide a satisfying second-to-last episode. Thankfully, it did.

After chatting with an ancient universal force last week, Barry now believes he is untouchable, something that worries his friends. This recklessness might be a little out of character but it does set up the episode’s end and nicely ties in with Wally’s storyline, which saw him trying to emulate the Flash, despite his lack of powers. Hero Wally is a lot better than Whiny Wally from earlier in the season and I now wouldn’t mind seeing him become Barry’s sidekick.

Things were a little lacking in the villain stakes, however. Despite Zoom’s superpowered army, we didn’t really get a feel for the scale of the “metapocalypse” Central City was facing. Black Siren wasn’t bad, but she was mostly just a (presumably) last hurrah for Katie Cassidy in the Arrowverse.

The big talking point, though, is what happened at the Team Flash party.  Naturally, it ended in disaster (of course it would, did they forget Zoom was still out there?) as Henry is apparently killed in front of Barry’s eyes! Hopefully, Barry will be able to get through such a tragedy with the newly-found wisdom he got from the Speed Force. Though, if this theory is correct, maybe we haven’t see the last of Henry yet.

It wasn’t quite as fun as last season’s penultimate episode (the one where Flash, Firestorm and Arrow took down Reverse Flash, remember?), but ‘Invincible’ was still an entertaining runaround. Unbeatable? No. But satisfying? Yes.


Speed Thoughts:

  • Henry and Dr McGee flirting was a fun reference to the fact that the actors were love interests in the original 1990s The Flash show.
  • Congratulations, team, on seamlessly turning Caitlin into Killer Frost. Someone in STAR Labs must secretly be an amazing make up artist. My money’s on Harrison.
  • Cisco and Harry’s double act continues to shine. Wells is going to be all right, isn’t he? We’re surely not going to lose him too… are we?




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