8 Things from the Harry Potter Books We Wish Were in the Films

The Harry Potter films are great, but they did leave out a heck of a lot from the books. Here are just a few examples…


8. St Mungos, The Order of The Phoenix


What? While visiting Arthur Weasley at St Mungo’s Hospital, Harry, Ron and Hermione visit their old teacher Gilderoy Lockhart (still without his memories) and meet Neville’s tragic parents for the only time.

Why? Getting to see Gilderoy again would have been great, but the main thing that should have been kept is an appearance by the Longbottoms. This is an important moment in the books which emphasises Neville’s own heart-breaking backstory.


7. Peeves, All Books


What? Peeves the Poltergeist is a permanent presence at Hogwarts, frequently pranking the students and always getting on Filch’s nerves. He often provides some needed comic relief.

Why? British comedian Rik Mayall was actually cast as Peeves for the first movie (above), but was eventually cut out and never asked back. That’s a shame, as the little poltergeist is perhaps the most prominent character from the saga not to make it to the films.


6. Peter Pettigrew’s Fate, The Deathly Hallows


What? Voldemort’s treacherous servant Wormtail goes to strangle Harry, but he hesitates when Harry reminds him that he was once the Potters’ friend. This moment of mercy causes his silver hand, a gift from Voldemort, to turn on him and strangle him.

Why? Because it’s an amazing death scene, which wraps up the character’s arc brilliantly. In the films, the last we see of Pettigrew is when he falls prey to a comedy bump on the head.


5. SPEW, The Goblet of Fire onwards


What? A long-running campaign of Hermione’s is her Society For The Promotion Of Elfish Welfare (members: her, and a reluctant Harry and Ron). Eventually, Ron’s expression of concern for the House Elves in Hogwarts leads to the pair’s first kiss.

Why? Fans often joke how Hermione’s commitment to Elves is swapped for a googly-eyed love of boys in the films. It’s sort of true, sadly, and it really wouldn’t have hurt for SPEW to be at least mentioned at one point. Plus, it would have made her and Ron’s kiss funnier and sweeter.




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