The Best Animated Disney Films of the 21st Century

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)


In a year when Pixar were aping Disney with Brave, Disney had a very Pixar-ish story on their hands with the video game inspired Wreck-It Ralph. Filled with fun cameos and a blinding premise, there is a lot of imagination and intelligence to Ralph, hidden underneath the dizzingly colourful visuals.


Frozen (2013)


You might be sick of hearing the songs over and over by now, but there’s no getting away from the fact that Frozen is one of the best Disney offerings this century. Finally, they saw fit to right some past wrongs by focussing a story on a true love between sisters not a prince and a princess. Plus, you gotta love Olaf.


Big Hero 6 (2014)


After acquiring the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney got to adapt a Marvel property for their own in Big Hero 6 – a delightfully fresh take on the superhero genre. The Japanese-American setting is an interesting one, and the big squishy robot Baymax is surely the best Disney creation since Stitch.


Zootopia (2016)


Disney’s latest animated movie shoots right to the top of their modern best. A movie about a city of animals sounds like ‘animated movie 101’ but Disney turn it into a very timely and touching parable about prejudice and acceptance of others who look different from you. Let’s hope upcoming efforts – Moana, Gigantic and the inevitable Frozen 2 – have as much wit and warmth as Zootopia. 

4 thoughts on “The Best Animated Disney Films of the 21st Century

  1. I missed zootopia when it was out but I pre ordered a sexy little steelbook so I’ll be looking forward to it.
    The Emperors new groove is just fantastic. I go back and forth but I like it’s my favourite if only for that simple line “SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER” it makes me smile even thinking about it!
    I’d love say frozen is over rated but it’s crafted perfectly. It hits everywhere and it’s got a lot to do with that soundtrack. Conversely tangled does really stand out for the music but the story it’s wonderful and taught us all frying pans are really handy.
    Wreck it Ralph was geek awesomeness and utterly adorable and big hero 6 was this gorgeous departure and I really hope it gets a sequel.
    As much as I grew up in the 90s the most recent films have captured me more. Maybe I’m just paying more attention these days.
    Great piece loved thinking about these movies. Rather tempted to do a marathon of them now. Haha!!

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    1. Haha! Have fun with Zootopia – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
      Emperor is just so quotable and, yeah, Frozen is inarguably very well done. The same with Tangled.
      I would love a Big Hero 6 2. Now that Ralph is getting a sequel, hopefully that will too.
      Really, that’s interesting – certainly some of them are better than a number of the 90s ones. Ha thanks!

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      1. I don’t feel Ralph needs a sequel it was a perfect stand alone. Disney have a poor sequel rep. I think the rescuers is the only one that worked. Maybe return of jafar but honestly I haven’t seen it since I was a child so I may be romantacising.
        Disney has changed over the past 10 years they can take risks on their animated titles because Marvel are shipping money to their door. It feels like the writers and ideas thrown around are in a far more creative space. Then again maybe I’m just getting old and am gravitating toward animation as a nostalgia or longing for kids of my own.
        Can’t wait for zootopia end of July till I get my copy! Well I hope!

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      2. It probably doesn’t need one, though it could well be good. I used to love the Aladdin sequels as a kid, but they probably don’t hold up to much now. Yeah, I think sequels are safer bets for modern Disney. Hopefully they’ve learnt from Pixar – only do a sequel if you’ve got a strong story.

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