The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes (Part Two)

10. Cape Feare (S5)


Sideshow Bob’s definitive episode, with just about every line a killer (“no one who speaks German could be evil”). And there is nothing funnier than Bob stepping on rakes.


9. Treehouse of Horror IV (S5)


A practically perfect Halloween special which sees Homer make a deal with Devil Flanders (“it’s always the one you least suspect”), Mr Burns as Dracula and a gremlin on the school bus.


8. And Maggie Makes Three (S6)


Homer’s neglect of his youngest child is often played for laughs, but this one proves that he really does love Maggie. If you want to make a Simpsons fan cry, just say: Do it for her. 


7. Lisa’s Wedding (S6)


The absolute best future-set episode, as Lisa’s wedding to a Hugh Grant-type is complicated by Homer’s boorishness. The Homer/Lisa relationship has rarely been better portrayed.


6. Homer’s Phobia (S8)


A hilarious, touching and perfectly-balanced exploration of Homer’s thoughtless prejudice when he thinks Bart might have been given “gay” by a homosexual friend of the family.



6 thoughts on “The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes (Part Two)

      1. I agree that some HD/recent episodes aren’t as good but it is hard to stop watching a family you have grown to love. I still watch, get excited about and like (some) recent episodes.
        Thanks for following the blog BTW. Because it is self hosted the WP reader doesn’t work like it does for most blogs but you can still comment etc by going on the browser

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      2. Out of interest: Do you play TSTO? The Simpsons Tapped Out.
        If so, how long have you been playing?
        If not, you should! You build your own Springfield and their are constant events which release fun limited time items that can be seen in the show. Super fun!


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