WATCH: 8 TV Spinoff Shows That Never Happened

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10 thoughts on “WATCH: 8 TV Spinoff Shows That Never Happened

      1. I was and still am a big HIMYM fan so that sequel would have been fun but I feel the thing about that series that wad special was it grabbed me at the right time in my life.
        Girlfriends would have been very interesting Lisa Kudrow is spellbinding but I think a lot of my adoration comes from post friends roles.
        The rose spinoff for doctor who would have been a brilliant idea. Do it as the new years special and let the doctor keep Christmas and you can do the episode as a year in the life of rose. Russel T Davis is a fool but I’m sure he doesn’t care he didn’t need it but oh how the fans would have loved it.
        Besides Rose was a great character and really should have stuck around longer. That being said Amy will always be my favourite, us Scottish folk have to stick together!


      2. I know! I can see why Davies would have wanted to keep his workload down but, darn it, us Doctor Who fans want all the spin-offs!

        Nice to hear some Amy love – she’s my favourite as well. Who’s your favourite Doctor?

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      3. Ah now I’m torn if we keep to the Scottish theme who do I pick Tennant or Capaldi…Hmmm.
        I’m going to say Tennant, I only got into the show during the last few eps of the first season so Tennant was my doctor. Although I really love Matt Smiths arc, his story is brilliant but I think that had alot to do with Amy being there consistently. Clara only showed up for half a season but she did get the two major specials which Netflix apparently have skipped which annoys me to no ends. Capaldi’s run is odd. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be but I like him, it’s just the stories. Maybe now Clara is gone we can get something more interesting, she was a good character when matt was the doctor but she turned dull.
        What about your favourite doctor??


      4. Great choices. Tennant was my Doctor growing up and Capaldi always gives a great performance. I do agree with you, though, that the stories of his era are less solid than they used to be. Clara also stayed too long and I’m looking forward to it getting a fresh kick when the new companion arrives.
        Matt Smith is my favourite, though. I love the dynamic between him and Amy and I think the stories of his first couple of series were mostly terrific. It’ll be hard to beat him in my eyes. But, as I say, I still have a lot of affection for Tennant.

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      5. I believe that the Tennant character was just a great balance of serious and quirky. Smith went too quirky, Capaldi went too serious. The show was still finding it’s way with him, the donna season was far and away his strongest.

        Clara would have been fine if they didn’t focus on the teacher thing, it wasn’t interesting. The only times it worked were when they brought the kids in….but they had already established her being a aupair or nanny to a couple of kids who went on adventures with smiths doctor so why not keep her there and keep the kids as younger companions, that would be very interesting to have the doctor risk the lives of proper kids. Her arc with smith as the impossible girl was brilliant, after that was done they didn’t know what to do with her. simply poor writing, the companion is the lynch pin of the show, but they ruined the character and frankly I think that’s why she really wanted to leave, she could have easily stayed if they gave her a decent role.

        I really want to start rewatching now, although the first two thirds of the first season is pretty rough.


      6. That’s fair enough. Smith hits the mark best for me, but like I said I love Tennant too. Yeah, Capaldi’s Doctor took a while to find his feet.
        I agree, I felt there was too much of the school in the first Capaldi series. Clara’s character just kept changing and she didn’t feel like a believable person by the end.
        You mean Christopher Eccleston’s season? That’s a shame, I enjoy most of that one.


      7. It’s a completely different style in eccelstons season til the last few episodes. It’s just finding it’s feet but sometimes feels a bit cheesy. The pilot was brilliant but up until jack shows up I feel a bit disinterested but to be fair that’s when the season arc really takes over.
        Have you seen anything on the new spinoff ‘Class’ apparently it’s based at the school clara was teaching at. I’m not too sure if it’s something aimed at my demographic but might be worth a look


      8. I do agree that it steps up once Jack arrives. Then you get the gasmask zombies episodes and the great finale.
        I have heard of that. It’s coming out this October, I believe. Yeah, it’s for a teenage audience primarily but it’s Doctor Who-related so I’m definitely going to give it a go!

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