Top 10 Episodes of Gravity Falls

It’s Mabel and Dipper’s birthday! To celebrate, let’s count down the 10 greatest episodes of Gravity Falls


Warning: I’ll try not to drop any big spoilers but if you haven’t seen the show yet you might want to go and catch up before reading this list. 



10. Little Gift Shop of Horrors


As a big fan of The Simpsons‘s Treehouse of Horror episodes, I naturally loved Gravity Falls’ own take on the horror anthology format. Season One’s ‘Bottomless Pit!’ is also great, but Season Two’s ‘Little Gift Shop of Horrors’ just trumps it. The best of the bunch is the middle segment where Mabel’s pet pig Waddles gains superintelligence.


9. Northwest Manor Noir


Though the core of the show is the Pines family, Wendy and Soos, Gravity Falls is also populated by brilliant supporting characters. Before this episode, spoilt rich girl Pacifica Northwest was the most annoying character on the show – against all the odds, though, she redeems herself here and develops a sweet rapport with Dipper.


8. Dreamscaperers


In this lead-in to the Season One finale, we finally learn just what that Illuminati symbol in the opening titles refers to – it’s Bill Cypher, the biggest, baddest and most dangerous foe of the series. Besides that, this episode literally delves deep into Stan’s mind and explores his feelings for his niece and nephew.


7. A Tale of Two Stans

GRAVITY FALLS - "A Tale of Two Stans" Ð Cornered underneath the Mystery Shack, Stan must finally reveal the secrets of his past and his mysterious portal to Dipper and Mabel, in a new episode of "Gravity Falls" premiering MONDAY, JULY 13 (8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD. Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons ("Whiplash") recurs as Stan's twin brother and author of the mysterious journals. (Disney XD) MABEL, DIPPER, FORD

It’s difficult for long-sought after answers to actually live up to all the hype but this episode managed it, as it satisfyingly told the truth about Grunkle Stan and his connection to the wider mysteries of Gravity Falls. Plus, the great J.K. Simmons joins the cast as a brilliant new addition to the show.


6. Soos and the Real Girl


Everyone on Gravity Falls is loveable but, dare we say it, loyal Mystery Shack employee Soos might be the most endearing – he’s just always so good-natured and upbeat. This episode deepens the character, though, as he endeavours to find himself a girlfriend. Unfortunately, his favourite video game isn’t quite ready to let him go…




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