5 Things We Want To See in Stranger Things Season Two

Now that a second run for Stranger Things has been officially confirmed, here are some things we really want to see in season two…


5. Just More of the Same, Please


Stranger Things was such a great show, mostly what we want from its sophomore run is just more of the same. More of Mike, Dustin and the Gang. More from Nancy and Jonathan. Another terrific performance from Winona Ryder. We want it to stay fresh, obviously, but there is no reason to mess with a winning formula.


4. Vengeance for Barb


Despite appearing in less than half of season one, Nancy’s best friend Barb struck a chord with fans and she has become the poster girl for the show. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we will get more from the character in season two – she is a little bit dead, after all. Hopefully, her loss will be properly addressed next season, though, as it was brushed over in the last run.


3. New Monsters


The Upside Down Monster – or Demogorgon, as the kids call it – from season one was a terrific creation, with a terrifying face that resembled some kind of demonic flower. For season two, however, we would love to see some fresh threats attack Hawkins and for the designers to stretch their imaginations even more.


2. Answers! Answers! Answers!

Stranger Things

Season one was awesome but it did hold back on a lot of answers – and then provided us with many more in the finale. Just what exactly is the Upside Down? What are those nasty folks at Hawkins National Laboratory really up to? What’s wrong with Mike? What deal with the devil has Hopper made? And, most importantly, can season two live up to the first?


1. Eleven’s Return


Something we really must see in season two is the return of Eleven, surely the most interesting character on the show. In a brilliant performance from young actress Millie Bobby Brown, it was fascinating to see the tragic, superpowered Eleven get to know what it’s like to be a regular kid. Though it looked like she sacrificed herself to save her friends, she has to come back next time.

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