Reviewing Smallville (Season Four)

Young Superman returns as we take a look at the fourth season of prequel series Smallville…


Synopsis: With Lionel Luthor in jail and a place on the Smallville Crows football team, Clark thinks his problems are over. Unfortunately for him, there are yet more meteor freaks to deal with, fractures in his friendship with Lex and Chloe’s bossy cousin who keeps getting on his nerve..


Episode breakdown:

1. Crusade

So many great things about this one. Erica Durance’s Lois is already fantastic. There’s a cameo from Margot Kidder. And we finally see Clark fly! A terrific start to the new run. 9/10

2. Gone

Very busy episode – Chloe returns, Lionel is found guilty and Clark and Lex fall out even more. The downside is the Lana stuff. She feels like an extraneous character now Lois is here 8.5/10

3. Facade

A so-so throwback to classic episodic Smallville, as a girl gets cosmetic surgery and develops the power to drive people into a frenzy with a kiss. Plus, Lois gets the journalism bug. 7/10

4. Devoted

Two football-centric episodes in a row does overdo it a bit. Some good stuff about wrapping up Chloe’s unrequited crush on Clark and Lex and Clark apparently being buddies again. 7.5/10

5. Run

Look, it’s The Flash! Finally, Smallville is embracing its comic book roots a bit more with the introduction of fellow hero Bart Allen. Though the actual plot was quite standard. 8.5/10

6. Transference

A dying Lionel switches bodies with Clark in an amazing episode that sports two great performances from Tom Welling and John Glover. What does this mean for Lionel? 9.5/10





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