Reviewing Smallville (Season Four)

19. Blank

Clark loses his memory, thanks to an amnesia-inducing meteor freak. There is lots of great stuff with Chloe being the one to protect his secret and Lex misusing his friend for info. 8.5/10

20. Ageless

Quite a sweet one, as Clark and Lana become adoptive parents to a kid who rapidly ages up like a Sim. A uniting theme of parenthood also links in Lionel’s extreme actions to protect Lex. 8/10

21. Forever

A photographer with freezing abilities kidnaps Chloe as he wants high school to last forever. More interesting is Lex and Lionel being tortured at the hands of the Teagues. 8/10

22. Commencement

Another meteor shower is about to hit Smallville, just as Clark and co graduate high school. Meanwhile, Lex intensifies his search for the stones. Amazing, thrilling finale. 9/10


Verdict: Smallville’s fourth run is a season of two halves. On the one hand, a few new twists and fresh dynamics continue the upward trend the show’s been going on since season two. On the other hand, it doesn’t embrace the changes with both hands. The big thing to love about season four is Lois. Feisty, witty, gutsy, she’s a hugely charismatic character and Erica Durance’s chemistry with Tom Welling is off the charts. Unfortunately, though we are only interested in Clark and Lois now, Lana is still hanging around and is given an often tedious story arc about being possessed by a witch. On the good side again, Chloe is finally let in on Clark’s secret in a brilliant move and Lex’s further descent into darkness is fascinating to watch. All in all, a strong, if flawed, transitional season that promises even greater stuff to come.


Score: 8.3

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