5 Awesome Power Rangers Team Looks

With the upcoming movie giving them a huge redesign, here are the best ever team looks in Power Rangers history…


5. Power Rangers Time Force


Time Force is often considered one of the strongest Power Rangers seasons, with its Terminator-inspired storyline. Its suit are not so universally acclaimed, however, but I’m quite fond of them. The only big problem is that the Quantum Ranger – while a cool character – looks too similar to the Red Ranger. Also, I’ve no idea how they see out of those coloured visors.


4. Power Rangers Wild Force


An animal theme always works well with a Power Rangers costume and it’s nice for the Rangers to have distinctive helmets. Wild Force succeeds on that front, then, even if the season itself is not too well-liked. The horns on the Bison-themed Black Ranger might be a bit much but I have a soft spot for the Shark-like Blue Ranger.


3. Power Rangers in Space


Power Rangers does Star Trek in this futuristic take on the franchise. Fitting the theme, there is a sleeker look to the In Space crew. The suits don’t stand apart from each other but they clearly wanted more of a cohesive look. e.g. The rainbow strip on the Rangers’ chests. The Silver Space Ranger was also pretty cool (as sixth Rangers often are).


2. Power Rangers Turbo


The car theme is one that Power Rangers has returned to a few times, but Turbo is the best of them. Generally, the Rangers need to have a bit of individuality, but I think the uniform look of Turbo works. I still don’t really understand how 12 year old kid Justin became a fully-grown adult when he wore his Blue Ranger suit but, hey, never mind.



1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The original and still absolutely the best. The suits have tended to look cheaper and cheaper with each successive season, so naturally the first one is of a pretty high quality. The individualistic helmets are great, with the dinosaur theme not too intrusive. The Red Ranger is awesome, but there is nothing cooler than the Green Ranger.


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