WANTED: TV Reviewers

Do you love watching TV? Do you love writing about TV? Then we would love you to get in contact…


Now that’s summer’s been and gone that means it’s the start of a new TV season!

As such, we’re after reviewers to cover a variety of shows. Shows like these:



Agents of SHIELD


Legends of Tomorrow

The Walking Dead


Currently, we have The Flash, Supergirl and Star Wars Rebels already covered.

If you would be interested in reviewing one or more of these shows, let us know in the contact form below. If you fancy reviewing another show not on this list, feel free to mention that as well.

Look forward to hearing from you!


8 thoughts on “WANTED: TV Reviewers

  1. I could TV review The Simpsons as that is currently the only show I watch – apart from baby daddy.

    I love reviewing and you have seen my previous work (eg. My blog). If The Simpsons doesn’t interest you then I might try and get into the above shows but they don’t trigger my interest much

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