20 Greatest Marvel Heroes Not Yet On Screen

Lots of Marvel heroes – from Iron Man to Luke Cage – have been brought to the screen in the past few years. Here are twenty that haven’t but should be…




A native of the Savage Land, a secret prehistoric wilderness hidden in the artic, loin-cloth wearing jungle boy Ka-Zar is basically Marvel’s answer to Tarzan, dating back to the 1930s.




Hobie Brown AKA The Prowler is a sometimes ally/sometimes enemy of Spider-Man. Another version is Aaron Davis, the uncle of the Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales.


Alpha Flight


Canada’s very own superhero team, Alpha Fight’s roster includes Guardian, Shaman, twins Northstar and Aurora, Sasquatch and Snowbird. They are usually portrayed as Wolverine’s allies




It’s not just Norse Gods who exist in the Marvel universe. Hercules – as in the son of Greek God Zeus – is a frequent ally of Thor and long-running member of the Avengers.


Black Bolt and Medusa


The concept of Inhumans has been introduced in Agents of SHIELD, but the Inhuman king and queen – Black Bolt and Medusa – have yet to make an appearance in live-action.




One thought on “20 Greatest Marvel Heroes Not Yet On Screen

  1. List was fine till Miles Morales who only survived the ultimate U end because of bendis, ms marvel, cable, x-23 (who has been confirmed for next wolverine movie anyway). She-Hulk espically but the whole list and others not listed belong way ahead of them.


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