20 Greatest Marvel Heroes Not Yet On Screen

Power Pack


Alex, Jack, Julie and Katie Power are four preteens granted superpowers by an alien who resembled a horse. The team would fit well in a Big Hero 6-type animated movie.




This mutant and occasional X-Man with the ability to emit light beams is actually pop singer Alison Blaire who moonlights as a hero. Sort of like a superpowered Hannah Montana, really.


Young Avengers


The Marvel equivalent of DC’s Teen Titans, the Young Avengers are a team of teen versions of familiar heroes e.g. Iron Lad, Hulkling, Miss America, Speed and Wiccan and Kid Loki.


Silver Sable


Sometimes called a female Punisher, Silver Sable often comes up against Spidey as a vigilante who isn’t afraid to kill to stop the bad guys. She’s not superpowered, just highly trained.


Moon Knight


Marc Spector is imbued with power (which intensifies when the moon is full) by Egyptian Gods. A fan favourite anti-hero who suffers from multiple personality disorder.



One thought on “20 Greatest Marvel Heroes Not Yet On Screen

  1. List was fine till Miles Morales who only survived the ultimate U end because of bendis, ms marvel, cable, x-23 (who has been confirmed for next wolverine movie anyway). She-Hulk espically but the whole list and others not listed belong way ahead of them.


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