Reviewing Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season One)

10. Nightmares

Everyone’s nightmares come to life in one of the most memorable episodes of season one. Great insight into the character’s fears, with some scary/funny/unsettling nightmares. 8/10

11. Out of Mind, Out of Sight

I’m not totally sure this one lives up to its clever premise but I love how it gives us our first hint that Cordelia does actually have some humanity beneath her bitchy facade. 7.5/10

12. Prophecy Girl

Though it’s slight in comparison to later finales, there is some great stuff about destiny and responsibility here that sets up the increase in quality of next season. 8.5/10


Verdict: Buffy’s first season often gets a tough break from fans who see it as an inferior opener in comparison to the rest of the show. Personally, on first watching I still thoroughly enjoyed it and when revisiting it it’s fun to got back to a time when things were less heavy for Buffy and her friends. Yes, it has to be said that there is a little more cheese and goofiness here than in later seasons, but Buffy definitely got one thing right from the start – its characters. The core four of Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles are immediately loveable with Joss Whedon and the actors understanding them from the off. The same goes for Cordelia, though Angel doesn’t come into his own until later seasons. The Master as the big bad can be fun, although he is a bit moustache-twirling. Still, it should be remembered that season-long villains were a new thing at the time, so we should cut him some slack for being groundbreaking. Overall, season one’s a lot of fun, if lacking in the transcendent quality of the show at its peak.


Score: 7.7

2 thoughts on “Reviewing Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season One)

  1. Totally agree that the light -heartedness is best in season 1. Great introduction in the main cast and the essence of Buffy. Seasons here after however have even better story arcs and give eve more insight in the character creating real depth, even for the villains.


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