Top 20 Buffyverse Characters

Ranking the best characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Warning: some spoilers ahead…


N.B. No villainous characters (at least those that never redeemed themselves) are on this list. They will feature in an upcoming separate post. This one’s just for the good guys.


Honourable Mention: Meleka Fray


If you’re a Buffy/Angel fan and you haven’t read the official comic book continuations of the shows, you really should. Slayer from the future Fray is probably the best invention of the comics. She protects a cyberpunk New York from ancient monsters – you don’t get cooler than that.


20. Charles Gunn


In many ways Gunn is the Xander figure of Angel – while the rest of the gang are vampires, genius physicists, higher beings and whatnot, Gunn is just a regular guy (well, a street-wise vampire hunter but that’s as close to regular as you get in the Buffyverse).


19. Harmony Kendall


Appearing in the Buffy pilot and bowing out in the finale of Angel, Harmony stuck around for the entirety of the Buffyverse. She went from Cordelia’s lackey to Spike’s moll to Angel’s ditzy secretary. Most vamps don’t have a soul, but Harm didn’t have much of a brain either, bless her.


18. Joyce Summers


Buffy’s mother Joyce puts up with a hell of a lot over the show’s course – finding out that her daughter is the Slayer, dating a murderous robot, watching soap operas with Spike – but she was also a strong parental figure for her daughter(s). It’s clear where Buffy got her strength from.


17. Allen Francis Doyle


He might have only been around for a tiny nine episodes, but Irish half-demon Doyle was a loveable character with an endearing crush on Cordelia. Though his exit from Angel meant that Wesley was able to step up to the plate, it’s still a shame he couldn’t have stuck around longer.




6 thoughts on “Top 20 Buffyverse Characters

  1. This would be my top 3 as well. Without Spike there’s no point to Buffy. They needed this character to provide the sarcasm and the relatable outcast role. Willow throughout all seasons is the other o so important relatable character that shows change is not even possible, but good. Strive to always be yourself. And Buffy makes everything possible. She goes through every human emotion possible and always comes out on top. In one awesome word: Empowerment

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  2. The first time I saw Buffy (back then in 2000’s) I really didn’t pay attention to the characters development… today I just have ended my binge watching Buffy time, and I really am stupefact about how great every single character is by his own right… Obiously there is someones greater than others, but still, you can see how everyone puts their effort to create an enyojable series (yes, even Andrew)

    Now I have ended it again, and I can feel how Willow and Spike really grows; its a shame that they just put aside Faith, she is very interesting character too; btw, I have to say that Spike really get me, for moments even I felt in love of him ha ha ha ha

    Great top!


    1. Totally agree! Every character undergoes a massive development across the show. Yeah, Willow and Spike are the best because they begin as completely different people from where they end up. Haha you have to love Spike! More from Faith would have been great, too.



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