Top 20 Buffyverse Monsters and Villains

We’ve already looked at the best Buffyverse heroes and now we turn to the best bads – both big and little – of Buffy and Angel…


20. Adam


Let’s be clear. Adam – the demon/human/robot hybrid created by the Initiative – is only on this list because it would be weird to leave off season four’s big bad. He was, however, a disappointing villain who lacked the personality of most Buffyverse bad guys.


19. Warren Mears


Season six’s The Trio were almost as ineffective as Adam, because Andrew and Jonathan were so harmless. Their leader Warren, however, was truly despicable. As well as only seeing women as sexual objects he also took one of the Scoobies from us.


18. Amy Madison


Beginning as a victim of her wicked witch mother in season one, Amy eventually descends into sorcery herself and by season seven she’s an out-and-out enemy of the Scoobies. We guess it was all those years stuck as a rat that addled her mind.


17. Ethan Rayne


Giles’ teenage buddy gone bad Ethan always had a mischievous scheme up his sleeve that made life difficult for ol’ Ripper. It’s such a shame he disappeared from the show after season four (minus a return in the comics), as he was a consistently fun guest star.


16. Der Kinderstod


Buffy‘s answer to Freddy Krueger, Der Kinderstod was a demon who stalked the children’s ward of the hospital waiting to eat the sick kids. With his grotesque features – especially those eye-stalk things – he jumped straight off the TV and into our nightmares.




2 thoughts on “Top 20 Buffyverse Monsters and Villains

  1. Almost agree with the list. The gentlemen are the spookiest. But willow should be at 3. Spike at 2 is maybe overrated. Loved everything about him, but he was never really as bad as Angelus and Faith. The list is about badness, not hotness;-)


    1. Haha hmmm I see your point actually. Faith probably is a better villain than Spike. I always think of Dark Willow as more of a tragic villain than a properly evil one so I guess that’s why she came a bit lower for me.


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