Top 20 Buffyverse Monsters and Villains

15. The First Evil


The First might have lacked a face, but the original evil of the universe was certainly a formidable big bad for Buffy‘s seventh and final season. That first scene, in particular, where it appears as all the previous big bads gets it the place alone.


14. D’Hoffryn


Despite his demonic visage and status as the head of the Vengeance Demons, D’Hoffryn seemed to be an easy-going kind of hell beast most of the time. In season seven, however, he showed his true colours when Anya went against him.


13. Darla


Appearing a couple of times in Buffy season one, Angel’s old flame Darla played a much bigger part on Angel – being resurrected as a human, turning into a vampire and then finally giving birth to her and Angel’s impossible son. We got to see a lot of different sides to her over time.


12. Caleb


To make up for The First’s facelessness, Firefly‘s Nathan Fillion was brought at the tail-end of season seven to give the villain a spokesperson. And it completely worked, as Caleb the murderous misogynistic preacher was a real force to be reckoned with.


11. Lindsey McDonald


Though Lindsey initially worked for Wolfram & Hart, he was more of a rogue player which earns him his own place here. Unlike W&H’s grand plans for the champion, Lindsey just hated Angel with a passion and wouldn’t rest until he had made the vampire pay.



2 thoughts on “Top 20 Buffyverse Monsters and Villains

  1. Almost agree with the list. The gentlemen are the spookiest. But willow should be at 3. Spike at 2 is maybe overrated. Loved everything about him, but he was never really as bad as Angelus and Faith. The list is about badness, not hotness;-)


    1. Haha hmmm I see your point actually. Faith probably is a better villain than Spike. I always think of Dark Willow as more of a tragic villain than a properly evil one so I guess that’s why she came a bit lower for me.


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