5 Things We Want to See In Young Justice Season Three

With the third season of Young Justice finally confirmed, here are five things that fans want to see…


5. Team Leader(s) Dynamics


Aqualad was the first official team leader but Nightwing had since taken his place during the undercover operation. While the operation has come to its conclusion, there is going to be some friction given the differences in leadership styles. So how will the team handle it?


4. Bart Allen’s Past…Or is it Future?


Despite knowing that he is from a bleak future and that he has come to past to change it, Bart is still hiding some secrets behind his happy-go-lucky demeanor. Is there more he has to do in order to fix the future?


3. Flashback(s) to the Five Year Gap


While the time-lapsed transition between season one and season two was done well and gave us some unexpected twists, we missed so many major events that happened off screen. Needless to say, it would be nice if the creators could clue the audience in on one or more events that occurred with that five year gap.


2. The Fate of Wally West


Those who watched the season two finale know that Wally West died while saving the planet…or did he? Note that the Blue Beetle Scarab stated that he would “cease” which could mean death or perhaps absorption into another plane of existence. Speed Force anyone?


1. The Light’s Involvement with Darkseid and Apokolips


Apokolipitian technology has been used by the Light throughout the series and the cliffhanger ending of the season two finale confirmed that they have been interacting with Darkseid himself. So now the question becomes: is the Light using Darkseid or is Darkseid using them?

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