20 Must-See TV Shows Coming in 2017

We’ve already told you what movies you need to see this year, now here’s our picks for 2017’s must-see TV series…


Sherlock (Season Four)

Release date: January, BBC One/PBS

Synopsis: The long-awaited fourth season of the BBC’s hit detective show has actually already started, but its second and third episodes are still to come. Make sure you don’t miss them.



Release date: January, BBC One/FX

Synopsis: Tom Hardy and his terrifically-named dad Chips Hardy wrote this period drama mini-series about a Victorian adventurer (Tom) who seeks vengeance after the death of his father.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Release date: January, Nextlix

Synopsis: Netflix has adapted Lemony Snicket’s popular YA novels to the screen once again, following the 2005 movie. Neil Patrick Harris stars as the villainous Count Olaf.



Release date: January, The CW

Synopsis: The latest comic book show on The CW is a darker adaptation of the long-running Archie comics, about the complex lives of a bunch of high-schoolers.


Emerald City

Release date: January, NBC

Synopsis: Game of Thrones-esque heavy-on-the-fantasy redo of the classic Wizard of Oz story. Look out for Daredevil‘s Vincent D’onofrio as the Wizard.



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