20 Must-See TV Shows Coming in 2017

American Gods

Release date: April, Starz

Synopsis: Neil Gaiman’s mythical road-trip book is brought to the screen by Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller. An all-star cast – Gillian Anderson, Ian McShane – will hopefully do the material justice.


Doctor Who (Season Ten)

Release date: April, BBC One/BBC America

Synopsis: Doctor Who‘s first season since 2015 pairs Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord with a new companion Bill (newcomer Pearl Mackie) as he explores new planets and historical periods.


Star Trek: Discovery

Release date: May, CBS

Synopsis: At last, Star Trek returns to TV screens! The Walking Dead‘s Sonequa Martin-Green plays Captain Rainsford, with Hellboy’s Doug Jones and Chinese star Michelle Yeoh.


Game of Thrones (Season Seven)


Release date: Mid 2017

Synopsis: The penultimate season of GoT might be shorter than previous runs, at only seven episodes, but it will surely pack in just as much Westeros world-building as usual.




Release date: September, ABC

Synopsis: Marvel is breaking new ground with this one. The first two episodes of Inhumans will air in IMAX cinemas before moving to TV, blurring the lines between the mediums.




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