Constantine Returns as CW Seed Animated Series

Cult favourite DC TV show Constantine has been resurrected – in the form of an animated mini-series…


Matt Ryan’s take on the Hellblazing anti-hero sorcerer was an immediate hit with fans in the 2014 Constantine series for NBC. Sadly, that show was canceled after only 13 episodes. Due to Ryan’s popularity, however, the character was brought back for an episode of Arrow‘s fourth season – which retroactively placed the series in the Arrowverse. Now, John Constantine is back once again!

Constantine: The Animated Series will air on the online CW Seed network, following on from other Arrowverse animated shows like Vixen and the upcoming The Ray. The show will probably run for a limited series of six five-to-ten minute episodes, in the mold of Vixen. 

This follows on from Matt Ryan reprising the role of Constantine in another animated production – the Justice League Dark animated movie, to be released next month. That is loosely based off the unmade live-action movie that would have been directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Have a watch of the trailer – and get a taste of Constantine in animation – below:

5 thoughts on “Constantine Returns as CW Seed Animated Series

  1. Brilliant news! I never understood why the CW didn’t take the series over in live action. DC has a great rep with animation, vixen was a great idea and can really open up the Flarrowverse. If it wasn’t for legends of tomorrow being a thing I would have said CW seed would have been great for The Atom.
    Loved Matt Ryan since Assassins Creed he needs more exposure as Constantine. He owns this role like Jackman does with Wolvie.
    More of this!!!

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    1. I know what you mean! If not a full series, then at least keep him as a recurring character on Arrow. Yeah I like Vixen, though I wish it was longer. Hopefully Constantine will have a slightly longer runtime.

      Too true. He just is Constantine! Looking forward to the Justice League Dark movie as well.

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      1. Thr difficulty with being a recurring character is arrow is far too full of characters. He would be a perfect addition in a return to thr darker tone of the show and maybe come season 6 we might get a cameo or two.
        Vixen was too short but I think as their first attempt it needed to be shorter as a test. That being said, means they can focus on telling the main story and eliminate the b plot which is often questionable.

        Thr fact justice league dark is actually being done is enough to make me happy. throw in matt Ryan and they have my money. I’m just waiting for a special edition blu ray release!!


      2. I see what you mean. Season four, in particular, could have been lifted by having him turn up more than once.
        Have you seen Vixen season two yet? I preferred it to the first one as it felt like a stronger part of the Arrowverse.

        Haha exactly! Are you looking forward to the live-action one they are working on? Hopefully that will be good too when it eventually arrives.

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      3. Season four could have been lifted by replacing everything. Poor poor season four. Didn’t vixen show up in that season as well?
        I’ve not seen season two yet. it’s hard to find ways to watch it. I keep getting geoblocked because I’m in the uk.

        I’ve been looking forward to JLD for a long time. it’s thr tease of comic book movies. I hope the attention the animated version gets shows the studio live action will work.
        Batman got a dark knight animated movie and a few years later we have batfleck. I doubt they were connected but it would be nice!

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