Ranking Every Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger

We rank those colour-coordinated teenagers with attitude in order of awesomeness…


Kat Hillard (Pink Ranger #2)


I had completely forgotten that there was a second Pink Ranger in Mighty Morphin until researching this list. I think that says it all about Kat’s (lack of) character.


Rocky DeSantos (Red Ranger #2)


Once Tommy arrived, the Red Ranger was no longer the team leader. As such, Rocky’s role on the show was nowhere near as important as Jason’s, and his character suffered from it.


Aisha Campbell (Yellow Ranger #2)


Aisha was a fairly gutsy replacement for Trini, being a lot more outspoken than her shy predecessor, but she still never made too much of an impact. It’s hard to beat the originals.


Zack Taylor (Black Ranger #1)


I like Zack but he is one heck of a walking stereotype of a 90s black teen – what with his hip-hop, body-popping ways. Plus, he always felt like he was the most sidelined of the original team.


Adam Park (Black Ranger #2)


I remember Adam more fondly than Zack. Partly this is because of his presence in the movie, but also because he stuck around for Zeo and Turbo – where he became the Green Ranger.




4 thoughts on “Ranking Every Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger

  1. There was a second pink ranger!!!???

    The only change I would make is bill moves to number 1. That’s simply cause I was a triceratops fan as a kid so the blue ranger had my heart…. well technically kimberley did but I always wanted to be the blue ranger… and date the pink one ofc.

    Great list! Very nostalgic!!


      1. I had a dislike for Tommy cause I didn’t think he deserved kimberley. That being said he was pretty cool. I may have been jealous.
        Let Billy and kimberley be together and Tommy can get the pink ranger mark II.


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