Reviewing Smallville (Season Five)

We take a look back at Smallville‘s explosive fifth season of the Teenage Superman’s adventures…


Synopsis: Clark and his friends have graduated from Smallville High… but trouble still follows them around. In the wake of the second meteor strike on the town, Lex devotes his attentions to trying to open a mysterious black spaceship that crash-landed. Meanwhile, Clark’s new college professor, Professor Milton Fine, takes an interest in him. But is he friend or foe?


Episode Breakdown: 

1. Arrival

The Fortress of Solitude! The Disciples of Zod! The Phantom Zone! A cracking season opener that really raises the game for the rest of the season. Plus, surprise James Marsters! 9/10

2. Mortal

Clark’s powers have been taken away by Jor-El – just when some escaped meteor freaks take the Kents hostage. Meanwhile, Clark and Lana rekindle their romance. Fun enough. 8/10

3. Hidden

A classic potboiler episode – a nuclear bomb is heading for Smallville – morphs into a bold proper Superman story with death, resurrection and lots of Jesus metaphors. 8.5/10

4. Aqua

Lots to enjoy here. Foreshadowing of Clark and Lois’ romance. Lex as a full-on villain and, of course, Aquaman. Plus, James Marsters’ first proper appearance as Prof. Milton Fine. 8.5/10

5. Thirst

An extremely goofy spoof of Buffy, as Lana joins a blood-sucking sorority house. Much better is Professor Fine and Lex’s growing rivalry. Plus, Carrie Fisher as the Daily Planet chief! 7.5/10

6. Exposed

One of those Smallville ‘whodunnit’ episodes. Mostly throwaway apart from Lex’s burgeoning political aspirations, Clark in the Daily Planet and, yes, the hilarious scene of Lois’ pole dance. 7.5/10




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