Reviewing Smallville (Season Five)

13. Vengeance

Smallville has its first ever vigilante! As Clark struggles to deal with his grief, he partners up with a female Batman-type. Also interesting is Lionel weaseling his way into Martha’s good books.

14. Tomb

Chloe is possessed by a murdered girl’s spirit in an episode that ticks off all the ghost/crime drama cliches. That said, there was a nice coda about Chloe reuniting with her mother. 7/10

15. Cyborg

Clark encounters another proto-Justice Leaguer in bionic teen Victor Stone. Plus, there’s a big revelation about Lionel, as Martha becomes Senator – just what is he playin at? 8.5/10

16. Hypnotic

Yawn, the Clark/Lana merry-go-round hits another snag – this time apparently for good (fingers crossed). More interesting is whatever Milton Fine is doing with Lex in Honduras. 7.5/10

17. Void

Lana suddenly becoming a krypto-junkie was completely unbelievable, but Clark and Lex’s near-death experiences were very illuminating. Once again we ask: whose side is Lionel on? 7.5/10

18. Fragile

A young girl in need with glass-shattering powers brings out Clark’s sweet, fatherly side. Meanwhile, Lex and Lana’s relationship finally goes places. Tom Welling directed this episode.




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