10 thoughts on “WATCH: Power Rangers Trailer #2

      1. I dont remember how the rangers were brought together in the show but this movie seems so different.
        After all the transformers movies technology is finally at a place where a power rangers reboot makes sense. I want to call a post credit sequence with the green ranger right now, how awesome would that be!


      2. Yeah, I agree. If memory serves, it was literally as quick as it is in the title sequence. Zordon says he needs “teenagers with attitude” and Alpha beams the five of them in. The movie will definitely up the character development.

        I have a feeling you may be right! And hopefully a tease of Lord Zedd as well.

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      3. Makes sense, straight into the action. I must have seen the first episode but it’s all such a blur and way too afraid to rewatch, can’t risk ruining the memories.

        Oh ofc! Lord Zedd I totally forgot about him!! There’s actually quite a lot they can do when you think about it.


      4. I know what you mean! It’s fun to revisit things from your youth but with the original Power Rangers I think it’s probably best left where it is.

        Lord Zedd was always my favourite villain from the show, as he had such a cool design. I remember reading somewhere that they hope to get a seven movie series out of this, so let’s hope they have a good plan for it!

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      5. 7!!!! wow!! Oh will that mean a movie for all the iterations over the years? Plus the actors don’t have to fully commit as the rangers change from time to time. Except for Billy, he’s stuck for all 7. Ahaha
        So if we have 1. as origin
        2. the green ranger, ritas revenge
        3. Lord Zedd
        4. Remake the 90s movie
        After that im not sure where to go.


      6. Haha yeah, it’s a pretty hefty number! I guess, if they do happen, they will shuffle the cast around over the movies, just like in the different TV series.

        Those sound like three good ideas. Though I guess they don’t need to stay with Mighty Morphin. They could borrow from the later ones like Zeo, Turbo, In Space ETC.

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      7. Well it seems the rangers base is a downed spaceship so taking them to space might be a logical progression. Although that could take it into Voltron territory. As I said there’s lots to do with the stories, let just see how the first one plays.


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