Dwayne Johnson to Get Solo Movie as DC’s Black Adam

The DCEU adds another film to its slate, as the planned Shazam movie splits into two…


For ages now, the only thing officially confirmed about the touted Shazam movie was that Dwayne Johnson would be starring as villain/anti-hero Black Adam. Now DC have announced that they have decided to spin the Black Adam movie into its own project. It will be part of the ever-growing collection of movies known as the DC Extended Universe.

Originally, Johnson was offered either Shazam or Black Adam, but he decided to go with the latter. Here’s his reasoning for the decision:

“What made me choose Black Adam? I just felt Black Adam was inherently more interesting to me because I felt there were more layers to Black Adam, starting out as a slave and then ultimately becoming the anti-hero who we enjoy today.”

Shazam, by the way, is still in development, though we don’t know if Johnson will be involved anymore. No word has been given on when we should expect these movies to appear.

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