NEWS FLASH: One of These Six Actors Could Play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps

According to reports, one of these actors could be playing Green Lantern in the upcoming DC reboot Green Lantern Corps…


Tom Cruise


At 54, Cruise is the oldest actor on this list by nearly ten years, which suggests he is a bit of an outlier. The Jack Reacher actor has never played a comic book hero before, though he was in the running to play Iron Man before Robert Downey Jr nabbed the role.


Jake Gyllenhaal


The Southpaw actor was previously considered for both Batman and Spider-Man so it would make sense for him to finally get a superhero role. He’s also the second youngest on this list after…


Armie Hammer


Previously, Hammer was the favourite to take the role of Green Lantern, after teasing the fans about it on Twitter. He previously nearly played Batman in a mooted Justice League movie back in 2008.


Bradley Cooper


The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper has already voiced a comic book hero in Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon but he could get his first shot at a live-action one in Green Lantern Corps.


Joel McHale


Most known for his TV work, comedian Joel McHale starred in hit sitcom Community. He’s the least known on this list which could either be an advantage or a hindrance in nabbing the part of Hal Jordan.


Ryan Reynolds


Now here’s a turn-up for the books! Infamously, Reynolds previously played Jordan in 2011’s flop Green Lantern movie. Now it seems DC want to coax him back for a second try – despite him since finding success with Deadpool.


4 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH: One of These Six Actors Could Play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps

      1. I think the only crossover actor can be the one who is deadpool. he’s the 4th wall breaker extrodinaire. It would make deadpool better.
        His movie wasn’t anything special but it wasn’t as bad as everyone says. Like our comments on power rangers this was a movie torn apart by planning too far ahead for sequels. Bring Reynolds back and just accept his origin is told. I bet you he’d love to do it as well!


      2. Haha that’s true, I hadn’t thought of that!

        I agree with you there, it wasn’t the worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen. But yes, it did have that problem with over-reaching itself.

        I bet he would!

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