Ranking Every Hero in the Arrowverse



It took a while before former criminal Mick Rory became a hero (he was a time travelling assassin for a while, remember), but the sharp-tongued flamethrower is on the side of good now.


Extended Team Flash


As of half way through season three, The Flash is still a lone hero – but he has does have occasional allies. e.g. Earth-3’s Flash Jay Garrick, Earth-2’s Jesse Quick and Kid Flash.




Dr Martin Stein provides the brain and Ronnie Raymond Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson provides the muscle of this nuclear-powered superhero duo who share a body.



4 thoughts on “Ranking Every Hero in the Arrowverse

  1. I’m so happy Constantine is on this list. I do wish rip was higher but on reflection you’re probably right. I’m more in awe of Arthur Darvil as a Dr Who fan. Looking forward to his return.
    The Green Arrow will always top my list… as long as we never mention season 4. Ahahah!!


    1. Couldn’t leave him off! Yeah, I’m a big fan of Darvill but Rip has been sidelined too much for him to get too much higher. His reappearance should be fun though.

      Aha what season four? It was a close run thing between the main three – you can basically order them any way you like!

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      1. They tend to reorder themselves depending on what the last episode was. Ollie was a fav of mine even before smallville had their interpretation so The Green Arrow always has my heart.

        So excited for rips return, legends had the best midseason finale but again that might just be the Darvil bias


      2. Yeah, I’m a big fan of all three. I always like how Oliver takes charge in the team-ups – he also did in Smallville, funnily enough.

        Rip’s return should be good fun! Especially as he is acting out of sorts…

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