An Unconventional Ranking of Every Batman Movie Ever

6. The LEGO Batman Movie


From The LEGO Batman Movie – Spoiler-Free Review: 

“While it is missing something to lift it to greatness, The LEGO Batman Movie is still a thoroughly entertaining ride that is jam-packed full of belly laughs and fan-pleasing easter eggs and references. We will have to see whether the busy yet undercooked plot will stand up to repeated viewings, but I know for sure that I came out of the first viewing with a Joker-sized grin on my face.”


5. Batman


From FFlashback: Batman (1989)

“If you don’t expect any fidelity to the source material (The Joker killed who now?!), Batman is a visually-stunning film – one that is probably closer to old-fashioned noir movies than comic books. The story might be slight, but the gothic atmosphere is pitched perfectly and Gotham is suitably foreboding and timeless (everyone dresses like its the 30s but they have 80s hair). There are flaws – Kim Basinger’s Vicki Vale basically screams her way through the film – but Batman is so grand and sweeping it remains one of the definitive superhero films ever.”


4. The Dark Knight


From FFlashback: The Dark Knight (2008)

What more can be said about arguably the most fervently acclaimed superhero movie of all time? Named the third greatest film ever made on IMDB, The Dark Knight is generally considered to be tantamount to perfect. If I’m being completely honest, though, it is a film I personally very much admire rather than outright love. There’s a lot of great stuff on show, for sure, but it’s not exactly Batman to me. A technically brilliant film? Absolutely! The best movie of Batman and his world? I would not say so. But that’s just me.”



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